Our company QAs have been tested by IceWarp and IceChat. Due to our collaborative testing we have improved and corrected any possible errors.


Thanks to our organization's high level of QAs and meticulous work, the programs can be said to have reached a new level.


Songoroo wanted to create custom playlists for restaurant guests. They had an idea and money, and they asked the MOFA company to bring the idea to life, and we remotely, together with MOFA, did it together and quickly!


How we improve your ideas The founder wanted to create a smart JukeBox, but with MOFA we had the best solution. iBeacon, supported by Bluetooth 4.0, is able to detect users even without including them in the application, and the algorithm also automatically adjusts the playlist according to their preferences. We worked remotely with the MOFA team, created MVP and tested with incredible results. We also had a prototype HW, but the design was not so important, since the equipment is mainly stored in storage facilities.


Gedai Google plugin is a C++ Library which communicates with the Google Cloud API and synchronizes data with preconfigured Google Account.